Our staff

As a responsible company, Recyfuel does everything possible to ensure the safety of its staff.

  • Products are handled in fully enclosed inspection rooms with windows. However, people who come into direct contact with waste (those who take samples, for instance) wear the required personal protection equipment.
  • The only wheel loader in the factory is fitted with a pressurised cabin and an activated carbon box whose filter is regularly replaced.
  • Two targeted medical check-ups a year are carried out on site by Occupational Medicine. Measurements of staff exposure are taken on a monthly basis at all work stations. The results are passed on to staff and Occupational Medicine.
  • Safety tours” are made once a month by a member of the managerial staff along with a member of the operating staff. They aim to bring to light unsafe situations and inappropriate behaviours. They also show possible shortcomings in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. The report is monitored.
  • Each month, the entire staff is called to a “15 minute safety talk” during which the prevention advisor brings to light a problem or particular hazard, or gives details of an incident which took place on site or elsewhere. This meeting is meant to be a place where people communicate and listen to each other.
  • Safety begins by training. The entire staff has the necessary qualifications to carry out their job. A monitored training programme is also implemented to strengthen everyone’s skills or keep them up to standard.